Dear Friend,

Whether you’ve never tried before or have been thwarted in your past attempts to meditate, you’re in the right place.

Learning to meditate on your own can be confusing, uncomfortable, and downright intimidating because its very different than nearly anything else you’ve ever done in your life.  I know because I didn’t grow up with meditation and I had to learn starting completely from scratch.

Like you, I was smart enough to seek out someone who had some experience and let them guide me through the beginning stages my learning process. It made a massive difference. Just having another person who can show you the basics and help you understand some of the common mistakes people make is a HUGE help and probably saved me years of wasted time.


…and that’s exactly what I’m going to help you do.

I’ve spent the past decade (or a little longer) practicing meditation nearly every day and have gone on to teach 100’s of people how to effectively meditate for peace of mind, greater health, and greater divine connection & understanding.  The good news is no matter the reason you’re interested in meditation, you can achieve your goals.

Learning meditation is like any other skill, if you have the basic understanding of how to do it and then you put in the time to practice, you can accomplish whatever you heart desires.

To make this easier on you and help you avoid spending years or more reading books, attending classes, or sifting through endless amounts of information on the topic – I’ve created a simple, seven step process that will have you meditating in the next 30 minutes.

Imagine being able to sit down any time, in any place, and nearly instantly access peace, surrender, and the recharged feeling that meditation can offer.  It’s not too far away…

I’ve put together a simple audio that will guide you through exactly what you need to know without all the fluff, conflicting information or impractical mumbo jumbo.  Just straight forward, easy to understand directions and guidance…

If you’ve looked around, you’ve probably seen that much of the information in books, magazines, or online is either ‘pie in the sky’ or so detailed that you’d have to spend a week just to understand the first chapter.  Meditation doesn’t have to be that way, and I’ve made sure you don’t have to fight that battle…

Also, as a bonus, I’m going to give you a copy of a guided meditation I created for a client who was really struggling with meditation.  She had never been able to sit down for more than a few minutes without her mind going crazy and derailing her…

This meditation is designed for a new beginner, but can even be effective for someone who’s been at it for years. (Heck, I even use this guided meditation when I’m having a rough day and I can feel my mind is all wound up).

I’ve never released this to the public, but if it works, I can’t keep it to myself and have a clear conscience…




Don’t miss your chance to take advantage of this limited time price and bonus package.  I’ve seen similar packages for upwards of hundreds of dollars and classes that go into the thousands.  This simple audio, transcription, and guided meditation package is all your need, and it’s at such a low price you can’t go wrong…


If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to meditate, this is your chance and it won’t get any better…

I can’t guarantee how much longer I’m going to be offering this rock bottom price, so get your copy of 7 Simple Steps to Meditation before you miss out, and you’ll be on your way to greater clarity, peace, and health in no time!

Warm Regards,

Derick Van Ness


PS – If you’re not sure if meditation is for you, I understand and that’s why I have this fully guaranteed.  Don’t pass up your chance to get a risk free copy of this step by step audio for less than the price of lunch and try it out.  You’ve got nothing to lose and an entirely new way of experiencing life to gain.  Don’t you dare miss this chance!