Finding Your Purpose

By Derick Van Ness

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In today’s world it is becoming increasingly important to finding meaning and purpose in daily life because most of us have realized there is more to life than just surviving.

I coach hundreds of people ranging from business owners all the way to people just graduating from school, and one thing has become incredibly clear – people want to do something that matters and make a difference.  The type of difference varies as much as the people I coach, but we all want to find a purpose in what we do (both personally and in our career).

This book is an answer to the need that I’ve discovered because I don’t have enough time to work with everyone personally.

I wrote it to be as practical and short enough to skip all of the “fluff”, but still give you the nuts-and-bolts to be able to take action and begin building (and living) the life you were made to experience.

If you’ve ever wondered if there’s “more” out there for you, this book will help you answer that question and more…

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Warm Regards,

Derick Van Ness