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Write a Book in 5 Days” Class

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If you’ve written your book and are looking for feedback, you can use this site to help you look for spelling, grammar, style and more.  It’s actually a great resource: www.PaperRater.com


Formatting Your Book:

You will want to include the following sections in your book:

Table of Contents

About the Author

Copyright Page

Bibliography, Index, or Reference Pages

Promotional Pages


Once you’ve created all of the section of your book, you will want format your book using bookmarks and this video will teach you how to do it:

Click here to see the video for formatting your Kindle Book


Cover Art:

The easiest way to create cover art of you’re brand new is to hire it out. You can use www.eLance.com or www.oDesk.com but if you’re on a budget, I’d suggest www.Fiverr.com

With Fiverr you’ll be able to get a good cover created for just $5 (Fiverr is also a place to look for cheap ways to promote your book)

If you are a little more skilled, you can create your own cover art by using sites like (my prefernce) www.DreamsTime.com or www.iStockPhoto.com to purchase photos for your cover art. Do NOT use the photos that come up on Google Images. Many of them are copyrighted and you’ll find yourself in a LOT of trouble.

Also, if you are having a hard time finding pictures you like, instead of just looking for pictures of a person put in words like “fantasy” or “dramatic” or “cartoon” to narrow down the search.  Also, vectors are great. If you don’t know what a vector is, visit this site to see some (both free and paid) www.VectorStock.com



When you are ready to publish your book on Kindle visit: www.kdp.amazon.com and watch this video tutorial. (Click here…)

Kindle will allow people to buy, download, and read your book – even if they don’t have a physical Kindle reader.  There are apps for iphone & android (and even desktop) to allow people to read your book.

If you want to print or sell physical copie of your book, you can use www.CreateSpace.com to get them created ‘print on demand’. Simply sign up, create and account, and upload your book.


Promoting Your Book:

Once you’ve written your book, it’s time to get it out to people, but before you do anything, make sure you have a friend or two proof read it to catch as many errors as possible.

Once they’ve given you their feedback, then you’ll want to get it out to 5-10 people who can read it, give you feedback, and review it on Amazon once it’s published.  This is SUPER IMPORTANT because very few people will buy a book with no reviews.


These are a few ideas for promoting your book: (more to be added soon)



Please let me know if you have any questions and I’ll point you in the right direction!

Derick Van Ness