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Dear Friend,


Have you ever wondered why it feels like you’re doing all of the “right things” but you can’t seem to get ahead?

Do you see some people find success, yet your efforts don’t get you the results you want?

Today’s world can feel like you’re swimming with the sharks, and you’ve got a steak strapped to your back! Especially if you work long hours and you’re constantly running on empty…

If you don’t use everything at your disposal, it’s hard to accomplish the difference you want to make in the world (and the difference you want in your bank account).

I understand because I’ve had to navigate those dangerous waters (and I’ve still got a few scars to remind me how it felt). It can be extremely tough. It can make you want to pull your hair out. But…

Winning this up hill battle for success CAN be accomplished!

I’ve done it (twice) and I can show you how.

There is a simple method that has been used by nearly every successful person on the planet, (and “No” it’s NOT the law of attraction). It’s more concrete, simpler, and you can start using it today!

I figured this out when I was part of a powerful mastermind group made up of top performers. We were sharing what had helped each of us achieve high levels of success in our own areas of life, and it became apparent that each of us had been using a version of this formula without even knowing it!

What was even more surprising was my friends and I began asking other successful business people, leaders, and high achievers about this idea…

Every Single One of Them Used it to Succeed!

It wasn’t rocket science or something that was hidden way in a secret book. It wasn’t so complicated that only the very intelligent could understand it. It was just something that made complete sense to the people who were hardwired for success and they made it the cornerstone of their lives.

Since then, I’ve taught this concept to 1000’s of people with astounding results.

It has literally saved lives, turned marriages around, and meant six figures (or more) to their bottom line. No complex formula, no magic secret, and no compromising your integrity.

In fact it’s the complete opposite. It’s simple, tangible, and will actually bring you into higher levels of integrity than you’re already living. It’s almost like it’s a magnet for success…

But don’t get me wrong. It does take work…

But it’s SOOOO worth it and it’s less than 60 minutes a day.

This idea is easily worth thousands (if not millions) of dollars if you apply it, but it’s too important to let money be the reason you don’t prosper from this information. I’ve seen similar information being sold for $97 or $67, but you won’t pay anywhere near that much…

Today it’s only $7

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To Your Success,

Derick Van Ness