Stop Pretending You Aren’t Special

StopPretendingEach generation seems to wonder about the generation to follow it and how the world is going to survive with such mixed up people at the helm.  It may be that its just human nature to criticize those different than you, but I also believe it is due to the rapid changes that take place in society and a new generation’s reaction to those changes.

The current group of young people are children to baby boomers, but have been grown up in a VERY different world than their parents.  Rather than finding a job that will take care of them for life and offer a pension in exchange for their dedication, today’s generation is busy figuring out how to find the prosperity their parents have experienced without having to grind their lives away under florescent lights in a pre-fabricated cubicle.

This generation wants to believe they are special and secretly believes they are destined for some sort of greater purpose than they are currently experiencing.  However this belief is scoffed at by  many and said to make the up-and-comers soft and lazy.  They are told to put their head down, “find a real job”, and save for retirement happiness.

I take issue with this criticism and believe that times have changed, but they are also no different than any other time in human existence.  It is just the same book inside a different cover.

I believe that the days of finding security in a job that makes you a commodity are over.  If your job can be replaced by software, a robot, or any unthinking device – then you are going to find yourself in an ever present state of fear and instability. Technology is getting better, outsourcing overseas can be done at the click of a button, and physical labor is easy to replace.  Thus, the new generation is going to be REQUIRED to be special or suffer the consequences.

The good news is that now is no different than any other time because we each have the ability to prove how special we truly are…

Every time period has its challenges and struggles.  Each era in history has found humanity in new and unfamiliar circumstances. And at every turn there is a chance for human beings to step forward and prove their value to society.  Whether its being an aware mother who helps raise well adjusted children amidst troubled times or the person who comes up with the next iphone – the opportunity has always been there…

But in order for us to step up to the challenge before us, we must BELIEVE that we are special and can make a difference. We can lead our own charge!

Steve Jobs famously states in an interview, “Everything around you in life was made up by people no smarter than you, and you can change it. You can influence it. You can build your own things that other people can use… That’s maybe the most important thing.”

He understood that each of us has the seeds of diamonds within us if we’ll only believe in watering them and letting them blossom. And that we can each make a difference in a world that misleadingly appears to have been built by people much smarter and more accomplished than we view ourselves to be.

So stop trying to convince yourself that you aren’t special or have something unique to offer the world. It simply isn’t true.

You’ve been created differently, had experiences that no other person on the planet has encountered, and the combination of elements that makes you up will never be duplicated. So begin using what you have and developing yourself.  It will take work, but everything takes work – even just sitting around doing nothing all day.

Once you awaken to this reality, you will see the world completely different.  You will know that you matter and can have impact.  You can influence the people and things around you for the better and, in turn, prosper from them.

Its true that it may take time to find your niche or build your platform, but today is always the best day to begin… even in a small way.  Pretending you’re unoriginal or have no value is completely false and is the mantra of those who want you to be part of their plan rather than building your own.

Learn to the the wheel, not just a cog and know that if you don’t have a dream, someone else will sell you on theirs.

So begin now. Practice believing in yourself – even when you stumble – and know that you have that diamond within you waiting to be exposed to the world… Or as my generation would put it, bring your own music to the mix tape of life!

NOTE: If you haven’t found your place in the world yet, try reading my book Find Your Passion and see how it can help.

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