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In the world of running business, creating something worthwhile online, or even in personal relationships your ability to communicate and influence people is absolutely vital.  If your communication is ineffective, you’re results will suffer and you’ll feel like you’re always fighting an uphill battle because you’re misunderstood.

Nowhere is this more apparent than when I’m coaching business owners.  Being an entrepreneur requires and even higher degree of leadership, communication, and salesmanship than nearly any other occupational choice in the world.
Time and again I’ve worked to help these intelligent business owners only to find out that their persuasion abilities hamper their ability to live and express their Soul Purpose (and therefore their quality of life) far too much.

As such, I’ve taken matters into my own hands and written a book that can help nearly anyone to understand, step by step, how to effectively communicate, lead, and influence others in an ethical manner.  I believe this skill set is the gateway to success in nearly every area of life, so I can’t advocate enough how highly I recommend you read this book.

It’s not your typical “car salesman” tactics or anything even remotely close.  This is understanding how to authentically connect with people and use the influence created by building trust to create powerful results.

The book is available on Amazon currently and is super cheap for what you get, so check it out and begin seeing how increasing your communication and persuasion skills can revolutionize your life!

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– Derick Van Ness

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